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Wanted: Models, Actresses and Actors — Los Angeles

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We are looking for talent of all age groups for future opportunities in: High Fashion, Print, Promotional, Commercials, Movies, Soap Operas, and Sitcoms. Our company works with talent from all ages starting at 14 years of age. We are not an agency and do not sign any binding contracts, but are looking for dedicated talent looking for their big break as a talent. To make it in this industry, you need a couple things: looks, personality, drive, patients and most important; the right company marketing you! If this sounds like what you have been wanting, then inquire with us… I believe it’s time for you to reach for the stars, they’re not as far as you may think. Send me some pictures, your resume, short bio and email contact info to jeffrey.schultz@TooSpoiled.com You never know, we might see you on the big screen…