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Professional Freelance Editing Services — Los Angeles

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Professional freelance editor and writer with a decade of experience editing book manuscripts and other projects. 

From proofreading and basic copyediting to line editing and doctoring, I provide outstanding editorial services. I have worked for publishers and countless individual clients around the country in preparing manuscripts for publication. 

Fiction and non-fiction works are welcome. 

You: Your manuscript, thesis, business proposal or other project has been written, but you need to have it copy-edited before you submit it. Whether a basic proofread or a substantive edit, you've come to the right place. 

Me: Published author (3 books, many articles), and a strong background in media, music, the arts, history spirituality, personal growth, novels, opuses, memoirs, how-to, exposes, biography, and the ever popular "other" — I've probably done it or will do it if it's yours and you'd like to work together. I have worked as a staff editor as well as a freelance editor for over a decade on a wide range of projects. 

I have two masters degrees and I'm excellent with text books and academic writing as well. 

Excellent service and a fast turnaround on most projects, and all work is protected by confidentiality. 

Rates, terms and references upon request. 

Call now and let's get your manuscript polished and ready to go!