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Community I need your help. I have 2 missing sons — Los Angeles

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My name is Helen Hope Romero,
Mother of 6 , 4 daughters and 2 sons, Back in 2004 me and my husband Moises Romero split up. I waited to leave him while he was in jail for the last time for drinking and driving in the other cases he had spent time in jail several times for being an abusive husband or shall I say for hitting me, I should with my husband for 13years to long thinking this abuse was normal, not knowing or really thinking that it was really wrong. Well to make a long story short back in 2004 I took my 3 younger children to visit there father in San Fransisco Calif as they missed him and wanted to be with him for a few week's. I was ok with it because he never put a hand on any of our children . a couple day's go by when I receive a call from my husband Moises Romero, he asked me if it was ok for my three younger children ages 5,7,8 my 5 years old daughter 7& 8 year old son to visit his parents in Mexico, that they already had the air line tickets ready and that it would be for just 2 weeks, again I didn't think anything of it due to the fact that every year when we received our income tax return check's we all went as a family in an air plane to visit the Grandparents in Mexico, and we did this every year for 8 years straight. I know his family members all and I knew the kids would enjoy this lil vacation visiting in Mexico as they always did. Besides I had nothing against the family members I trusted them with my children, so I said it would be fine since they are out of school for 2 more months during summer brake.
Well just 6 days have went by and I receive a call from my younger daughter in Mexico she wants to come home, I knew she was sad she has been away from me for to long, I called my husband up and tell him our daughter wants to come home now, at first he didn't want her to come back home to me he hesitated, until I put pressure on him saying if she doesn't come home now they I want all 3 of them to come back now. So he agreed with me, saying as long as our 2 sons can stay for a few more week's. As I talked to my sons in Mexico they said they were having fun with grandma and grandpa and that they didn't want to come home just yet, I said ok love you and to be good. Well I never thought this would ever ever happen. The next week my husband came to our house in riverside county from San Fransisco calf to visit our 4 daughters, I didn't feel right so I let him visit our daughters at our home, while I left to Orange County, he was supposed to stay for a while and visit our girl's. Instead he drinks and gets drunk driving all 4 of our daughters following me to Orange County were I was hanging out at and drinks some more. I ask him were are the girl's? He said that he dropped them off at my aunt's house were she said it was ok for them to spend the night at in orange county. Again I didn't feel comfortable so I left. I knew he would stay there drinking I told him to be careful and to go back to my aunts to stay the night. Better than him drinking and driving back were it would be a 9 hr drive were he lives.
He never made it back home nor to my aunts were she lived just 10 minutes away from were I last saw him. Jan 16, 2005 I received a call from the C.H.P, calling me to inform me that my husband Moises was in a fatal accident, and that he was diseased , at the age of 33. Wow I couldn't even speak I thought it was a joke from his cousin or someone?until this day I still can't believe it. And until today my sons are still missing in Mexico.My sons were born in California and not enough help nor media to help me bring my sons back home to me and to there 4 sisters. The grandparents moved out of there home in jalisco Mexico , and they took my sons with them. Its been almost 5 years now since I have seen them. I have went to Mexico 2 times already tiring to get them back but they keep leaving and moving from place to place so I can not find them. Even after the fact that they promised me if I would send there sons body back to Mexico were they can bury him. They lied to me and now are keeping my sons in hiding. Mexico is not a place for my sons to grow up in, I have seen the life they lived and it is hard. I have even paid for an attorney to help me find then and talk to the courts but it wasn't enough they are not doing enough for us. I need someone who can put my sons photo on the air in Mexico as 2 missing boy's and the photos of there family members who are hiding them. I have all this info, I even have phone numbers of 2 uncles who know were there are at. It wouldn't be hard to find them because 1 of the uncles is a Dr. working in a hospital in Morelia Michiocan, and the othe uncle is an attornery working in Zamora Michiocan, who else can I go for help? If no one wants to help me put them on the air? Not even missing and explored children care enough to put there photos on there suite for the missing. I know there has to be more than this? Can you help?
Sincerly Helen Romero