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am seeking for nanny for my kids — Los Angeles

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My Name is Donald Franchz-,I lived in LONDON,United Kingdom.I work as a
Managing Director In an Insurance Company and my wife works in a Big
Hospital as a Nurse.We are Out going,God fearing type that always love to
treat other people real good the way we would love to be treated as well,I
am looking for someone to get the children ready in the morning,prepare and
clear up the family's breakfast,make the beds,and take the children to
school, which is about a 1.5km walk away. The Nanny would then need to pick
them up at 3.20and look after them until we get home.We will ask the Nanny
to babysit 1-2 evenings a week.We have a really great cleaner, so there
wouldn't be any heavy housework.There is a bit of light cleaning and laundry
which would take about 90 minutes a day in total.There would be plenty of
time free in the day to go to language school or part time studies,and there
area lot of good ones in the area.How does the Nanny live:The Nanny would
have her own room, which is huge, and has a double bed, with sitting area
and TV/DVD/Video/Hifi. There is wireless broadband internet in the
house.Working hours:07.30 to 09.00 and 1520 to 1930 Plus about60-90 minutes
of housework a day to fit in with the Nanny's schedule.25-30 hours a week
Benefit:I would like you to know that i will be paying you a sum of 500
pounds weekly for every weeks and a pocket money of 100 pound per week for
the buying of some things for yourself and i will also be responsible for
some of the funds for your traveling documents.i would like to put my
children in your care.My children are just lovers of computer games,not
allergic and free to people especially to strangers.I would like to know if
you would be care giver of my children,Kindly reply me via my private email
below if you are sure to care for them from Monday - Friday.If you are
really interested to take good care of my children and below is my contact.


  • Los Angeles, California, United States